PlantScreen™ Conveyor Systems

Qubit’s high-throughput plant screening system (PlantScreen™) allows the user to monitor numerous aspects of plant growth, development and response to biotic and abiotic stresses.  PlantScreen™ systems can be designed and configured to meet the users’ specific requirements with respect to the size and morphology of plants screened, and the throughput requirements of the system. In addition, the environmental conditions to which the plants are exposed prior to imaging can be selected and adjusted.  The PlantScreen™ incorporates a number of instruments for imaging plant morphometric and physiological parameters, and an acclimatization chamber that may be used to equilibrate plants under controlled conditions, or for plant cultivation.

The PlantScreen™ is modular and designed so that you can add features as your screening requirements evolve.  Optional imaging features include stations for:

  • Morphometric and RGB Analysis
  • Chlorophyll Fluorescence Kinetics Imaging
  • Thermal Imaging
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Hyperspectral Imaging
  • NIR Imaging
  • Watering, Weighing and Nutrient Delivery

The PlantScreen™ may be incorporated with an external conveyor system and/or loading station to move plants from a growth room or greenhouse into the imaging cabinet.  An comprehensive software package, with remote accessibility, is used to control all aspects of the conveyor and imaging modules, as well as for data acquisition, image analysis and data base configuration.  Click links below for more details.

RGB and Morphometric Imaging

Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging

Hyperspectral Imaging

Thermal Imaging

NIR Imaging

Watering Weighing and Nutrient Delivery

Sample Identification

Graphical Control Software

Controlled Environments for PlantScreen