• Custom controlled environments from small chambers to intelligent greenhouses

  • Custom plant shoot imaging with PlantScreen TM Systems

  • High throughput root phenotyping with high resolution root imaging

  • Field systems with multifunctional sensor platform for crop phenotyping

Qubit Systems is happy to share that we are now exclusive distributors of Photon Systems products in North America

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Qubit Phenomics together with Photon Systems Instruments offers the most Sophisticated Range of Plant Phenomics Screening Instrumentation Currently Available!

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Modular and Robotic PlantScreenTM Systems

Modular and Robotic PlantScreenTM Systems are used for High Throughput Plant Phenotyping. Qubit provides PlantScreenTM Systems customised to user’s specifications for plant phenomics analysis. Phenotyping  plants from Arabidopsis to crops, the PlantScreenTM can be optimized and customized for numerous plant morphologies and structures. The Modular PlantScreenTM Systems can be configured for single pots, multiple pots or trays, providing flexibility of use with numerous different species, or with a single species throughout its growth cycle. We ensure that PlantScreen™ systems meet your specific plant phenotyping requirements.

Current Installations of PlantScreenTM Systems

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