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You may have extensive experience in various aspects of plant imaging, or you may be entirely new to the science.  Either way, it is of benefit to discuss your project with fellow scientists who understand exactly what you wish to measure, and how your goals may be best achieved.  The scientists at Qubit Systems and PSI have collaborated with researchers at numerous universities, research institutes and commercial laboratories throughout the world to ensure that the instrumentation and software they receive meets their requirements precisely.  We consult freely, without obligation, and always in the strictest confidence.  Call us and chat, or send an email, we’re always happy to help.

The acquisition of a plant phenomics screening system can be a major financial undertaking, and it is critical, therefore, that you plan for both your immediate and future needs.  Qubit offers a very wide range of options for phenomics screening, many of which can be added incrementally as your projects evolve. Initially, though, it is important that you consider your requirements carefully:

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    Which parameters do you wish to monitor?
    Morphometric(growth and developmentRGB (color analysis)Chloropyll Fluorescence Kinetics (abiotic and biotic stress)NIR (water Status)Hypersprectal (nitrogen status, pigment composition, light stress etc)

    Is a conveyor or robotic XYZ system more suitable for your application?
    Select OneYesNo

    Do you require automated watering and weighing?

    Do you require automated nutrient delivery and/or analysis? Do you wish to integrate the systems with an intelligent growth room or greenhouse?