LED Lighting

Qubit Systems offers customised LED lighting systems manufactured by PSI.  These are high-intensity, LED-based illumination devices intended for plant growth under stringently controlled light conditions. Intensity of illumination can be controlled continuously from 5 to 100 % of total output. Individual bars and panels can be arranged in various hanging modules, and constructed to fit a particular space.

Numerous LED lights, with different spectral qualities, may be integrated into the lighting array, and controlled independently.


  • Power consumption: depends on dimension and requested light intensity
  • PPFD: up to 2,000µmol(photons).m-2.s-1
  • Light source: LED 5700K cool white, 50,000 hours life to L70
  • Dimmable: 5 – 100% of maximum
  • Adjustable panel height
  • Cooling: Passive (LED-Bars), Active (when in Control Cabinet)
  • Operating temperature: minus 20 to +40°C (environment)
  • Integrated sensors (irradiance level, temperature) – optional
  • Multi-wavelength LEDs (far-red, blue, red …) – optional

Typically, the LED arrays are configured as individual LED bars mounted on frames that cover an area of one square meter.  A variable number of LED bars may be mounted within the 1m2 area and may be spaced closer together, or further apart, as required.  They may also be tilted.  Each array has its own power input and RS485 data link.  The arrays may be linked so that separate modules may be controlled by the same software or the same controller.

LED bars customized for Greenhouse suplementary lighting

LED Irradiance and Homogeneity

The incident irradiance from the LED panels depends on the type of LED mounted, the density of the LEDs on the individual bars, the distance that the panels are mounted from the canopy and if the bars are supplied in standard format or in wide angle format.

Standard LED bank  has higher light intensity over smaller homogenous area


Standard LED bank with wide angle option has higher light intensity over larger homogenous area.

Customised Fytopanels

As an alternative to the LED bars described above, LED Fytopanels are for large-area illumination with uniform light distribution.

Typically manufactured with two or three independent colour channels with an optional multicolour series.  Each color separately controllable. Far-red LEDs 735 nm (plus optionally deep-red LEDs 660 nm) are added to ensure optimal conditions for plant growth.

Each panel is 27 x 81 cm or 27 x 41 cm and supplied with a mechanical rack and power supply.  Computer controllable.  May be mounted inside the growth chamber or on an independent gantry.

LED Fytopanel A

LED Fytopanel B

LED Fytopanel C


  • Homogeneous light distribution over the desired area
  • Irradiance from 430 to 1,600 µmol(photon)/m2.s
  • Precise intensity control in the range of 1 % to 100%
  • Standard panel setup: cool white LEDs with added far-red LEDs (735 nm) and deep-red LEDs (660 nm); multi-color (up to 7 channels) version available
  • Minimum undesirable heating effects on experimental material
  • Independently programmable LED-based illumination controllable in its power, spectral composition and temporal modulation
  • Irradiance intensity control in basic setup, with optional advanced user-defined protocols

Fytopanels may be populated at  different densities depending on required irradiance and spectrum.

  • Blue:450-460 nm
  • Green 520-530 nm
  • Red 618-630 nm
  • Deep-red 660 nm
  • Cool white
  • Far-red 740 nm
  • Infra-red 850 nm

Intensity up to 1,400 µmol(photon)/m2/s total for all colours measured at 50 cm from top of plant canopy.

LED Multicolor Fytopanel

Control of LED lighting

LED bars and Fytopanels may be controlled  by the same software, either independently, or integrated with other parameters in a controlled environment cabinet or room.  As an alternative LED lights may also be regulated for intensity, duration and mode of action via the Light Controller without any need for software.

  • User-friendly GUI.
  • Precise control over the light mode, intensity and timing (seconds to hours).
  • Light modulation according to a predefined function (continuous, pulse, sine, triangle).
  • User-defined custom protocol with 224 defined functions of a light phase (optional).
  • Daylight protocol for cloudy sky simulation (optional light modulation is fully programmable, built from user-defined segments (continuous light and ramp).
  • Calibration profiles for individual light channels.
  • Possibility to start protocols simultaneously and/or with delay.
  • User-friendly, four-button operation
  • Precise control over the light mode, intensity and timing (seconds to hours)
  • Light modulation according to a predefined function (continuous, pulse, sine, triangle)
  • User-defined custom protocol with 224 defined functions of a light phase (optional)
  • Daylight protocol for cloudy sky simulation (optional)
  • No PC needed