Home Support

All of the imaging systems are constructed from the highest quality components, many of them manufactured on site at the 80,000 square foot PSI facility in Europe. Qubit guarantees its PlantScreen™, and other imaging systems, wherever in the world they may be deployed. In addition to a comprehensive warranty, clients have the option of purchasing a variety of service contracts customized to the client’s specific requirements.

Initial Support

Support begins during the planning phases of any project when we ensure that a client is provided with accurate information about all the hardware and software components required to meet immediate and longer term needs. Our aim is to ensure that we know as much about your project as you do. Our team includes numerous PhD level scientists with decades of experience in plant sciences and with sound publication records. Our European facility has a suite of superbly equipped research laboratories. Please come and visit us; we have gust quarters available.

Implementation Support

All systems are installed on site by a team of engineers and programmers who conduct rigorous training sessions with the client to ensure that all hardware and software is fully operational.  Full payment is deferred until all specifications are tested and met.  We work with researchers, programmers, technicians and maintenance staff throughout the implementation period to ensure that every aspect of our systems is fully understood so that when we leave your facility you have complete confidence that our equipment will serve you flawlessly for as long as you use it.

Continuing Support

After sales support is second to none.  We are always available by email, phone, Skype, Zoom  or by whatever means you may choose for communication.  If you encounter any difficulties we can take control of your system by remote access to troubleshoot hardware or software issues, no matter where in the world you are located.  We invite you to contact us, and our current clients, to learn more about our superb service.